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Extended Two Engine OPerationS


ETOPS in an acronym for Extended Two Engine OPerationS.


It was a certification process jointly developed by the FAA, airlines and engine manufacturers that allowed airlines to legally dispatch two engine aircraft that would require more than 60 minutes of flying time in the event of an engine failure or shutdown to reach a suitable airport.


The Wolf is a kit aircraft NOT a FAR Part 23 certified aircraft


The Hensley Wolf however will be the world’s first ETOPS inspired piston engine aircraft. Our deluxe “ETOPS” model will have substantially increased fuel capacity, system redundancies and capabilities and will be operated under parameters that take into consideration a 450 pound increase in gross weight.

Governing Regulations

FAR Part 23

The Hensley Wolf is classified as an Experimental aircraft and is licensed and viewed as such. The builder is considered the manufacturer, not Hensley. No warranties, expressed, implied or otherwise apply to its suitability for performance.


The Hensley Wolf does not satisfy the FAA’s regulations for certified aircraft.


It is not required to fulfill the certification regulations under FAR Part 23.


The FAA allows Experimental aircraft to perform activities commonly associated with certified aircraft. However, it CAN NOT be operated for compensation or for hire (commercial purposes).


Recently enacted regulations by the FAA though allow a flight instructor to be compensated for the purpose of flight instruction only.


A copy of the detailed rules and regulations as they pertain to Experimental aircraft may obtained by contacting the FAA and requesting FAA Advisory Circular # 20-27G. This document may also be viewed and downloaded as a .pdf file from the internet:


Operating Procedures

The Hensley Wolf will conform to the requirements under FAA’s Experimental category. When in accordance with applicable Federal Aviation Regulations for required equipment installations, the base model Wolf was designed to be able to operate in the following conditions:

      Single Pilot

      Visual, day / night (VFR)

      Instrument (IFR)



The following maneuvers are NOT approved:


       Flight into known icing