Frequently Asked Questions


Is there currently a Wolf flying? If not, when do you expect flight testing to begin?

No, flight testing is scheduled for the 4Q 2017.


How much do the kits sell for?

We anticipate the kits selling for $149,900, subject to final vendor agreements.


Are kits available in fast-build form?

Yes, all kits will be shipped in fast-build form.


What do you expect the final price to be?

$300,000 to $375,000 depending on buyer options.


Will you be offering avionics packages?

Yes, our intent is to offer complete tailored “plug and play” packages.


Will you be offering ready to bolt in engine/prop packages?



Are they easy to build?

We are incorporating every conceivable method to make the construction of your Wolf as straightforward as possible and when you're flying your Wolf you'll enjoy a level of accomplishment you'd never before even imagined. The fast build protocols eliminate all of the difficult tasks required for aircraft construction. It is also more than a coincidence we say our kits are “As simple to build as the law allows! ” SM


How long will it take to build?

Right now we’re estimating 750 hours.


Can I purchase one now?

Yes, deposit & purchase agreements are currently being accepted. Deposits are being held in escrow.


How do I get started?

Send us an email and we'll be happy to answer any other questions you may have. If not already a member, we'd strongly suggest becoming a member of the EAA. The Experimental Aircraft Association is the world's best source of information for anything relating to homebuilt aircraft.


How much space is required to build the Wolf?

The wingspan of the Wolf is just under 35 feet and it is just over 27 feet long. On the landing gear the tail stands slightly over 9 feet.


Are any specialty tools required?

There are no exotic or specialty tools required. The more difficult tasks will be accomplished at our facilities to bring the Wolf to fast build status.


Do you offer a retractable gear version?



Is insurance currently available?

We are working very closely with a national insurance carrier to satisfy all their requirements for insurability.


Who designed the Wolf?

The initial Wolf platform was designed by Robert Hensley, an international airline Captain.


Why did he design the Wolf?

Mr. Hensley is also a professional scuba diver and he wanted a safe, simple and affordable aircraft with the range to reach the most exotic diving locales. He was quite frustrated to find that nothing even remotely close to what he required existed. Once the design was envisioned and drafted, so many people stated their desire for such an aircraft that the transition was made from a “one off” mindset to create the foundation and methodology required for an aircraft produced for others to build & enjoy.


Is he doing the engineering as well?

No, once the initial design work was done and the platform developed, he sought the experience of a nationally recognized aircraft engineering and project management firm and AirBoss of Colorado Springs was chosen.


Why a twin engine pusher with fixed gear?

The short answer is the Wolf was conceived to satisfy extremely demanding design drivers. In fact, we're not aware of any light piston twin in the world that can achieve the utility and performance we're anticipating from the Wolf. Starting with a blank sheet of paper and utilizing state of the art technology, and combining it with the normally ignored comfort and pleasure drivers, the results hands down favored a fixed gear, pusher configuration.


Is the cockpit big enough for a full IFR avionics?



Are counter rotating engines available?



What kind of props are you using?

The Wolf is slated to use fully feathering, MTV-12’s.


Can I get anti-icing for the Wolf?

At this time, no. We will be evaluating that option at a future date.


Is the Wolf composite?



Is financing available?

We are currently working on that.


Do you offer builder's assistance?

We plan on offering builders assist centers as soon as kits start being delivered.


Will Hensley provide flight training?

Yes, this will be developed and further detailed alongside of insurance requirements. Our intent is to have a custom designed program for both new and experienced multi-engine pilots. We’re also planning on offering “airline style” recurrency training at our facilities and during major airshows.


Are amphibious floats available for the Wolf?

Not at this time.


Do you have a Wolf flight simulation program I can fly?

One is being developed in X-Plane 10 Global, very soon we will have a link that will allow you to fly a Wolf simulation program.