11 May 2015

As progress continues on the Wolf, Hensley Aircraft announced construction of the physical prototype began today.


During the months of January and February we spent time developing the project schedule and organizing data. The bulk of March and April were spent fabricating the tools and building the parts as called for by the project schedule.


“Today was the day we started work on the assembly of the basic airframe, another huge milestone” said Founder Robert Hensley. For all of you that have been very patiently waiting for construction photos we hope you like the addition to our Gallery. 

The general aviation industry has been searching for an alternative engine for many decades and new entrants can include diesel, auto-conversion, electric and even hybrid options. We don’t intend to enter the argument about the existing engines. The fact is, Lycoming engines are still the #1 choice for homebuilt aircraft for numerous reasons.

No matter what new engine entered the arena it would always be looked upon with skepticism for many decades until its “reliability” badge could be worn. Conventional wisdom however always focused new engines being used on a single engine platform. Hensley’s idea was to simply use a fully redundant twin engine platform and offer our customers their choice in engines that best suits their needs.

The prototype Wolf will be equipped with the Lycoming IO-360 series engines. Because of the peace of mind of having a second engine, we’re quite certain in the years to come numerous other engines will be used including deploying the Wolf as a test bed for new engines under development.


Press Release

12 March 2015

Today the strategic alignment between Hensley Aircraft and Shade Tree Micro Aviation (STMA) was announced.


Founder Hensley was very excited at the opportunity to be joined with such a significant player in the development of high end flight simulation for both testing and training purposes at this stage in the development process. The Wolf started off on the proverbial cocktail napkin, so it is nice to know even before it flies what a high degree of certainty can be surmised about its flight characteristics through simulation and STMA's experience in analyzing data.


Shade Tree Micro Aviation has over 14 years experience developing simulator models and solving flight simulation hardware and software problems for aircraft developers, corporate flight departments and retail customers.  Their associates are experts in flight & 3D modeling, graphics artistry, scenery development, computer programming, and modifying/creating simulator hardware stated Jim McNeill, Founder of Shade Tree. 

15 January, 2015

The Wolf project achieved another major milestone today as an agreement was reached that provides all the tooling, fabrication and construction necessary to build a flying prototype. Materials have been ordered and work is already underway.


“The Wolf prototype will utilize new manufacturing processes allowing for rapid tool production, 5-axis CNC part trimming, and robotic alignment / assembly.  I’m very excited to see the Wolf through completion by early 2016,” stated Product Development Engineer Wayne Noke.


“After all the years of hard work, all of the necessary elements have been assembled, and we’re all very excited at the opportunities this milestone will create for Hensley Aircraft,” said Founder Robert Hensley.